Why Hire Carolers for Christmas?

There are certain things about the holiday season that seem to rise above the modern commercialization to which we’ve all grown accustomed; things that tie into our nostalgia of Christmases long past.

Think back to your cherished Christmas memories of childhood:  Christmas trees, candle light, snowy evenings, fresh cookies.  For so many folks, those memories are tied to music.  Maybe there was a record your grandmother played each year on Christmas Eve.  Perhaps you had a favorite tree-decorating soundtrack, or you sang every year at Christmas in your church choir.

Those memories can come flooding back with just a few notes or chords.  And when sung by beautiful voices, the memories are that much more heart-warming.

Christmas Carolers are one of those special elements of the holidays that can bridge the gap between Christmases of days gone by and our current modern era. Instead of tuning into the Holiday pop station on satellite radio for your Christmas party, you can bring vibrant live Christmas music to your guests.  You can be serenaded by professional singers at your own unique event. Olde Towne Carolers makes it easy to hire Christmas Carolers who arrive in traditional Victorian costumes, ready to bring the beautiful nostalgia of Christmas directly to you.  We sing beautiful classic carols in rich acapella harmonies.

Olde Towne Carolers

Olde Towne Carolers

Olde Towne Carolers has performed for corporate Christmas parties, winter weddings, holiday office parties, community tree lightings, country clubs, private events, television and radio, shopping malls, restaurants, holiday store events, and so much more!

You can make your event one that will always be remembered, and create your own special nostalgia to relive year after year.

Whether you need carolers in Philadelphia, carolers in Boston, or carolers anywhere in between, create those future memories by contacting Olde Towne Carolers today to book our holiday singers for your event!

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